Hirngabels lyrikähnlicher Adventskalender – 21.12.

Hard ways of desire

Oh, I shit on your boyfriend,
I want you to hold MY hand.
All they say is: you don’t want me.
But I don’t mind cause I am free.
Free of responsability,
I am reigned by sexuality.


I want you in my bed,
Cause I’m not kind, but mad.
You always played with me,
And send these signs to me.
I was just a toy for you,
Only my true love was true.


But now things have changed,
I have things arranged,
I’m no more the man I used to be,
And you are now a cup for me.
Come in my room, and feel my fire,
This is your hard way of desire.


You treated me like your friend,
Played with my heart like a ball,
Seemed that I am in your hand,
Seemed you smashed me at the wall.
But now you only fear my desire,
Burning in you like a fire.


Fuck off your “good friends”,
I will take your hands.
I will pull you on my bed,
Close the door, and treat you bad.
Now you can turn pain into lust,
When you lay down and smell the dust.

[Rechtehinweis: Text ist Eigentum des Autors dieser Webseite und darf nur unkommerziell, unter Verwendung der Quellenangabe weiterverwendet werden. Für alle weiteren Verwendungszwecke ist Rücksprache mit dem Autor (siehe Impressum) zwingend notwendig.]


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