Hirngabels lyrikähnlicher Adventskalender – 18.12.

Autumn Sun

Thin fog is crouching  through the valley,
And leaves are dancing  in the alley.
Rain dabbles sadly at  my window sill,
Wetten all the soil  beside this hill.
Grey in grey, the autumn day,
Drove away, last summer ray.
Emphasize this giant hole,
Burning lack in my soul.

Cause she has gone away –
Without she let me ever say,
What she really ment to me –
One more opportunity…

Sitting in front of  my computer,
Fearing that I am  gonna loose her.
Many months of  segregation,
Gonna end in  deep frustration.
Steely blue, just only drool.
Stuck in gloom, ooh missing you.
Aching like the old oak tree,
Wavering in front of me.

Cause she has gone away –
But I have to stay.
Why she had to go away?
Same ol’ shit, different day…

Storm has blown away  the picture,
And time created  a caricature.
So tired of waiting  in the rain,
But no power to  break my restrain.
Town of brown, facing my prown,
Gets me down, fearing to drown.

But, hey now! Stop this whining,
Cause every cloud has a silver lining,
And although she left me behind,
Even in the fall, sun’s gonna shine…
Even in the fall, sun’s gonna shine…
Even in the fall, sun’s gonna shine…
Even in the fall, sun’s gonna shine…
Yeah, sun’s gonna shine…

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